A boy falls in love with the widow – chaavukabaruchallaga

A boy falls in love with the widow – chaavukabaruchallaga

The pandemic of Covid has affected the lives of the entire nation. From an ordinary man to a celebrity, the pandemic has hampered everyone in some or way. The film industry like Bollywood, Tollywood and other regional film industries have suffered losses in this pandemic. In the adverse conditions also with some relaxations in shootings, makers have come up with some releases. Post lockdown, the Telugu film industry has given some blockbusters to its audiences. The Telugu film industry is flourishing as the actors and directors work hard while making a movie. 

During Covid times, the industry has come together and enhanced each other’s efforts. They went with some releases when theatres were permitted to reopen with the guidelines to entertain their audiences. The film industry has an OTT platform for its viewers to watch movies and shows during this challenging time. It came with Aha, an OTT platform for its viewers to watch the latest Telugu movies online without stepping out of the house. The industry works hard and never fails to amaze its audiences with its super-hit blockbusters. Some films with extraordinary stories were released in the year 2021. One of the inspiring stories that impressed the audience was ChaavuKaburuChallaga.

ChaavuKaburuChallaga is a romantic, comedy-drama film. With this film, PeggalapatiKoushik made his debut as a director in the Telugu film industry. The film was released on 19th March 2021. The film is co-produced by Bunny Vasu and Allu Aravind. Also, the production company is GA2 Pictures. LavanyaTripathi has made her debut with the movie. She is paired with Karthikeya Gummokonda. 

Plot: The film is an inspiring story. Balaraju (Karthikeya) is a mortuary van driver living with his mother, grandmother, and father. On duty, while taking Peter’s body to the cemetery, he sees Mallika (LavanyaTripathi) and falls for her. Later he discovered that she is Peter’s widow. He wanted Mallika to move in her life and convince her to accept him in her life. But there are other twists in the relationships between these two characters. Whether she will make Balaraju her part of life or not? How did the story continue? The story has a lot of emotional quotients. At some point, the audience may feel involved in the film. Both the lead characters have fully justified their part in the movie. The film has taken social issues like the difficulties that a widow faces, poverty, and many others.

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