Far Beyond Fashion, Street Running Is A Lifestyle

Far Beyond Fashion, Street Running Is A Lifestyle

Physical activity and its benefits for health, well-being, and performance are subjects well consolidated in the scientific literature, including street running seems to prove this trend that has been configured as a great national passion, regardless of culture, creed, or social class.

Currently, it has become fashionable to practice street running, in different distances and courses, including events from 5 km to more than 42 km of the marathon.

Real crowds meet in streets, parks, and woods to run and overcome their challenges. In addition to this context, it can be stated, based on epidemiological data, that the practice of sports, especially running, is a powerful agent to add improvements and positive transformations in different areas, such as economic, cultural, educational, health and well-being.

Due to the practicality that street racing offers and because it is democratic for the participants since the adaptation is quick, does not require expensive equipment, and can be carried out throughout the year, in addition to the possibility of participating in the main races around the world with the Olympic and world champions, ends up being a unique motivational factor for the practitioner.

But as everything in life has a recommended measure to have the real benefits and avoid possible injuries and setbacks, we have organized texts with some tips and recommendations in the portal here, for you to carry out your training safely and increase the possibility of performance improvements, avoiding possible injuries and discomfort.

The Importance Of Running Technique.

The technical part is very important, its function is to help the runner to save energy and avoid possible injuries since the movement is cleaner and with this, the muscles spend less energy to perform a certain function.

The leading experts who work with running advise the practitioner to seek a teacher to help perform and correct their movement, enabling the improvement of performance.

Running with the wrong posture: A set of situations makes the runner adopt an inappropriate running posture, so the idea is to understand which exercises can help to improve.

For example, runners who run falling too far forward, possibly need to work the crossed chains, especially the abdomen and core region, since the runner takes the trunk too far forward.

Problem: May cause lower back injuries, sciatic pain, buttocks, hamstrings, and knees.

Solution: Be aware of posture, strengthen the abdomen and cross chains, which help to stabilize the trunk and stretch the lower back.


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