How To Transport Agricultural Equipment In The United States

How To Transport Agricultural Equipment In The United States

Every equipment or machine that you use in an agriculture business comes with a limited operating life. After some years, the equipment loses its efficiency and has to be replaced by a new one to ensure proper execution. Besides online shopping, there are several other ways to find new equipment for farming and agriculture.

In this article, we are going to discuss the different modes of transportation of agricultural equipment.

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What are the different modes of transportation of agricultural equipment?

Whether you are a large dealer or 3rd generation farmer, transportation of heavy equipment is always a job that needs precision and reliability. Planes, automobiles, and trains are the simplest ways to move agricultural equipment from one place to another.

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Tips to transport agricultural equipment

Here are some of the key tips to ship agricultural equipment safely and effectively throughout the US.

  • You need to choose the right tractor type for the business. This includes a compact utility tractor, backhoe loader, garden tractor, utility tractor, etc. Choose the tractor option based on their ratings on weight, size, lift capacity, and horsepower.
  • Finalize the date that is convenient for the pickup as well as the delivery of the shipment.
  • Check the auto transport directory to find a list of transporters by state, territories, and the kinds of loads they deal with.
  • Find a shipper that has a good amount of experience in transporting large equipment. It should also have the necessary resources to perform the job in the best possible manner.
  • If you want to ship a large size of equipment, then you may even choose to break down the shipment into parts. It is beneficial to perform the task before the pick-up date arrives.
  • If you will receive the shipment in a disassembled form, then arrange it and then deliver it to the destination.
  • Consult with the transporter and shipper to identify whether or not the attachments are transported separately from the primary body. If you are delivering the shipment in different parts, then make sure it is shipped separately. Arrange for the delivery of tires, and other subparts before the delivery of the main body. If you fail to do so, you may incur charges for the truck to remain to stay onsite till the parts arrive at the destination.

Tips to ship a mid-sized equipment

  • Dealers should map out the delivery location and condense their outgoing loads.
  • Save your precious time and money by getting two tractors on a single trailer.
  • For sending equipment for service, it is beneficial to contact the dealer to check for any preferred contacts. There is a possibility that they lower the shipping rate.


Whether you want to upgrade the infrastructure of your company or create a new setup, the knowledge and selection of the right transit mode of agricultural equipment are proving beneficial. Look at the pros, and cons of different transportation methods to arrive at the best decision.


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