How to Use Standing Desks Correctly?

How to Use Standing Desks Correctly?

Your physical needs while working at your office desks must be met to keep yourself going in the right manner. Now you can customize your workspace by installing standing desks that will help you to work more effectively. Standing desks will provide you with an optimal height to work upon without stressing yourself. But there are certain measures you need to adopt for the desk installations. In that way, you will be benefitted the most.

Adjust the desks to elbow height

This needs to be done to prevent injuries to your hands as well as arms. The position must be so lucid that your hands should float over the keyboard in a straight and relaxed manner. You do not need to incline your wrists up or down and your fingers can hang down effortlessly to meet the keys of the keyboard.

Watch the posture

You will be awarded a very neutral spine condition if your posture is perfect. The muscles around your spine will also be equally supportive and balanced throughout the day. For this, keep your neck raised and tall along with your shoulders completely relaxed. Keep your knees a bit bent and do not hyperextend them.

Keep the wrists straight and parallel to the surface of desks

This needs to be done because continual extension and flexion of the wrists compress its internal structures that eventually lead to the development of carpal tunnel syndromes. Adjust the desks to the position where your wrists will remain neutral. Your fingers can hang down without moving the wrists too much.

Adjust the height of chairs

A properly adjusted chair is going to help maintain better postures. You can adjust the level of the chairs or put cushions underneath to level up to the desks. You need to adjust this to a level that your feet should remain parallel while you are sitting down.

Watch posture while sitting

Back pains occur as part of sedentary habits of bad sitting postures. If you are unaware of how you are sitting, it will be impossible to modify health damages that have already occurred or are occurring. Your upright position must be back by your chairs where you need not stoop down to work. The chair’s height and the desk’s height should complement each other.

PrimeCables electric standing desk will adjust as per the height modifications you require. You don’t need to compromise on your posture anymore now.

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