Is cPanel Website Hosting Cheap? A Short Tutorial on How to Use its Dashboard

Is cPanel Website Hosting Cheap? A Short Tutorial on How to Use its Dashboard

This short tutorial will deal with cheap cpanel hosting services. It will tell you how to optimize your cPanel dashboard for maximum functionality through a detailed step by step guide. So stay tuned.

Why cPanel?

The internet is a largely democratic platform. As the times are progressing, there has been a shift away from software that can only be used by people who are well versed in various programming languages to software that can be operated using basic technical skills. cPanel is an industrial standard, mass web hosting software which is one of its kind. It created this shift away from specialized technical requirements and generated software that can be used by almost anyone.

It has a graphic user interface which means that users can easily manage their web servers without having to depend on coders. This is especially useful for people who are not from a computer sciences background and who want website management solutions without having to hire a programmer. Many small business holders and startups have benefited from this web-based Linux software.

cPanel is a third-party web-based software that provides control panels that can simplify and automate your web operations. This leads to maximum efficiency and low rates of errors. A number of hosting companies partner with cPanel to provide website holders with the best services that they possibly can at cheap rates.

There are several things that you can do with a cPanel dashboard

  1. Installing WordPress
  2. Adding a new email account
  3. Managing and uploading files
  4. Adding a new domain
  5. Backing up data

To install WordPress with a cPanel dashboard you merely have to find the auto-installer button and click WordPress. For adding a new email account, just look for the email accounts button under the email section, enter the relevant details and click create. It is that simple!

The file manager window in the files section redirects you to a window where you can browse files, manage them and perform tasks like editing. cPanel also gives you the manual option of backing up your site so that none of your data is lost. This is how cPanel simplifies complex tasks. Therefore, invest in a cPanel hosting service ASAP. It is extremely efficient and cheap.

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