The Qualities to Look for in Your Support System

The Qualities to Look for in Your Support System

Having problems at work? Getting a massive case of social media envy? Or maybe you just don’t feel like you’re reaching your financial goals as quickly as you wanted. Perhaps the pandemic has started to take its toll on your mental health. Whatever is the case, you want to have the chance to express your emotions in a safe environment so that you can move on.

That means having a support system that is filled with encouraging people. But who should be in this support system?

Open and honest thinkers

Sometimes, when you are facing difficulties in your life, rather than acknowledging your part in the problem, you resort to whining and blaming external factors. While it may be true that they had some part to play in your problems, you want to be surrounded with honest thinkers who can tell you if you need to evaluate your personal choices as well. They may say the difficult things, but ultimately, knowing these will help you become a better person.

People who have your best interests at heart

It may be a small gesture like encouraging you to buy eyebrow makeup for sale or reminding you to drink water when you’re too busy at work, or it could be something more serious like opening your eyes to the toxic relationship you’re in right now. In all situations, they should have your best interests at heart. They should not be a frenemy who secretly enjoys your downfall, nor should they be a dishonest person.

An encouraging presence

As much as you want to be surrounded by people who will solve your problems for you, they are not what you need if you are faced with important life choices. You need someone who encourages you to take your time and consider all the pros and cons before you dive into anything. They may choose to suggest a temporary distraction just to get your mind off the problem, preventing you from dwelling on things you have no control over. They are there to support you, and they know that ultimately, the choice is yours to make but until you’re ready to make that decision, they will be there with you.

A source of positivity

When you’re having a bad day, the last thing you want is for one of your friends to one-up you and say they’ve had it worse. The truth is, it is perfectly normal that you and your friend both have bad days, but it should not be a competition and they should not make you feel like your challenges are any less. If they encourage you to look on the bright side when you’re feeling particularly gloomy, this will help you put things in perspective. However, take care that they are not becoming a source of toxic positivity.

Ideally, your friends and family should be a part of your support group. However, being your friend or family does not necessarily give them a place in your most important circle. Make sure you’re only choosing those who care about you unconditionally.

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