What exactly does an interior designer do?

What exactly does an interior designer do?

An interior designer is the person specifically trained to carry out comprehensive reforms and interior design, or decoration projects, setting up scenes, event decoration, ephemeral architecture, visual merchandising and commercial interior design, and much more. Within a comprehensive reform, it can include demolition of partitions, carpentry changes, renovation of electricity and plumbing installation, change of pavements, etc.

Earlier, calculating the entire details, organizing the project, and executing the final result were not so easy for an interior designer. However, with the advent of the technology, interior designers now have access to interior design software that facilitates them to plan and executing the final result at ease. One of these modern tools is Foyr Neo. This program is ideal to create your designs easily even if you are not an expert in interior design. You can distribute and decorate the rooms with great detail.

The work of a professional

A professional interior designer will detail the entire process through plans and distribution elevations, as well as 3D views with the different finishes, so that the client can appreciate the final result without even having started the reform. Another of the specializations that an interior designer can have is Visual merchandising and commercial interior design, a very important part. Now, let us bring you the main reasons to hire an interior designer.

Comprehensive reform service

An interior designer can offer you a turnkey service in any type of renovation, taking care from the design to the final delivery of the work, advising you on everything you need and planning, coordinating and supervising each of the phases of the project. With this, you will have a single interlocutor with whom to communicate who will act as a bridge between you and all the actors who participate. In this way, you can take care of everything and save time on site visits, visit thousands of stores and suppliers, search for professionals yourself, control orders and deliveries, solve incidents – so you will save a lot of headaches.

Budget Control

An interior designer plans and supervises in detail all budgets to avoid unforeseen events and extra costs. And look for the best option in technical solutions, materials, finishes and equipment according to the budget available for each project. They also tend to work with several manufacturers and suppliers, in this way they can offer you a wide variety of finishes and qualities, and get better prices. Therefore, despite the fees of an interior designer, a professional manages to optimize costs and delivery times.

Aesthetic harmony

Thanks to their training and knowledge of trends, they are able to combine all materials, furniture, accessories and colors in the space in a harmonious and functional way, creating unique and personalized spaces.

Higher quality

Due to their extensive experience in this type of project, interior designers know how to anticipate the painful scares and unforeseen events that usually arise during the work. And as we have already mentioned, an interior designer plans and supervises the project in its entirety, ensuring that the final result is a complete success.

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